Aidan (8) Arvin (3) Asher (5) Ben (9) Buster (9) Charlie (7) Charlotte (8) Chloe (4) Elliot (7) Fin (7) Grace (8) Hunter (8) James (4) Jordan (6) Kayla (10) Kyah (9) Lola (2) Matthew (9) Nathanael (5) Paige (9) Paige B (2) Payton (10) Willem (9)


The big, dangerous, angry river was flying through over the rocks. The current was strong. It was as loud as a lion roaring.
By Nathanael
Tumbling, dirty river. Rolling river flushing into the windy sea. Crashing into the big, bumpy, mad rocks. Pushing into the sea, bashing into the banks. The cranky river is terrifying.
By Willem
Dirty, rough river. As fast as a racing car.
The deep, bulging river goes down into the
wavy, terrifying sea.
By Ben
The splooshing, chocolatey brown, wavy and
loud river splashed between the rocks. Rocks smashed into the river. I would not like to
go on there, would you?
By Paige
The big, swollen, wavy river was scary.
It got bigger and scarier and much louder.
The river was as fast as a car.
By Kyah
Tumbling, rumbling, splashing, dirty water
from the rain. Flying over the rocks.
Incredible rain. It goes quite the same.
By Charlotte
The river is splooshing and splashing.
Crashing into the rocks to the sea.
By Asher
The rushing river forces itself
into the stormy sea.
By Fin
The rushing river is crashing.
 The rocks are cracking.
By Aidan
The rough, dirty, raging, cranky river
bulging into the rocks. Speeding and rushing. Flowing and pushing. Flying, rushing into
the sea under the bridge.
By Matthew
The river, tumbling down against the
rocks. Loud, dangerous and scary. The
dirty river is ferocious.
By Hunter
The rushing river is strong and scary.
Tumbling to the wavy sea.
By Elliot
The river. The big, bulging, splashy
river zooming out to sea. Ferocious
river, ginormous growly river.
By Buster
The dark, deep, cold river is splashing
with big deep waves. Drowning the
big flax in the river.
By Payton
The dirty, noisy river flew over the big rough rocks and into the salty sea.
By Grace
Dirty, tumbling, rolling river smashing
into the rocks and down into the sea.
By Charlie
The rumbling, bulging river was wild and ferocious. It was terrifying and loud. Speeding
as fast as a car into the crazy sea.
By Kayla